For bitcoin holders who need cash, but Do Not want to sell their Bitcoins - as they beleive that BTC will increase in value over short term

We understands that anyone with Bitcoins can suffer a  cash flow problem. We are here to help.

Lender.Digital offers: $ or  Loans  against bitcoins
- No Credit Check
- Only bitcoins as collateral
- Using MultiSig wallet smart contract
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How does the Lender.Digital Loan work?

A MultiSig Loan Wallet allows borrowers to take Bitcoin backed loans - using multi-signature smart contracts.

Like when purchasing a home, the bank/buyer/seller prefer to use a Trustee/Escrow Agent to coordinate a Closing.

Lender.Digital has chosen to use a regulated and fully insured Trustee as the MultiSig Wallet signatory.

The Borrower and Lender.Digital nominate a Trustee to act as an arbiter for their transaction. The Borrower then makes the Bitcoin transfer to a “2-of-3 multi-signature” address, which is locked until two of the parties agree to release it.

The Loan process consists of four steps:

1.      After the Borrower agrees on a Loan contract, a new Loan is created by the Lender.Digital.

2.      All parties are required to review & authorize their participation in the Loan.

3.      The Borrower transfers bitcoin into the multi-signature address. Once Lender.Digital can verify that the Bitcoin collateral is secured in the multi-signature wallet, it approves the loan and the trustee then initiates the Loan wire to Borrower.

4.      The  bitcoin collateral is now locked in the MultiSig wallet for the duration of the Loan, until two of the three parties – Borrower, Lender.Digital and Trustee – agree to release it.

Release can go in the following ways:

·        When everything goes well, the Borrower & Lender.Digital agree and release the bitcoin to the control of the Lender.Digital. No intervention by the Trustee is required in this case.

·        When a dispute arises, the Trustee can intervene, review the case and decide which party to side with — either refunding the Loan to the Borrower, or releasing it to the Lender.Digital.

Are funds or bitcoins held in escrow?

No. Trustees have a voting power that allows them to tip the outcome in favor of either the Borrower or the Lender.Digital, but they do not have the power to take bitcoinds of funds for themselves or use funds in any other way without concurring action by either the Borrower or Lender.Digital.

This means that Trustees act as arbiters for transactions, but do not operate an escrow account.

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